One Dress – Three ways. 

Style is something each one of us already has, all we need to do is find it. Your personal style defines what you really are. For me, style is never something expensive or a particular brand or apparel, it’s what you make of a simple outfit look interesting. That’s what styling is – making a whole new world out of a picture. 

Recently, I’ve collaborated with Wooplr, who was kind enough so send me this beautiful dress from Vajor. The dress is anyways stunning. 

But I had this thought of experimenting with the same dress in different ways. 

So here are the 3 looks I created from this one dress. 
All Sassy 

This look is much of a geeky yet chic. The look reminds me of those beautiful girls behind specs who are intelligent yet know how to keep it stylish. ( something I never was ) 

The Greek Princess 

 That’s all I can think of this look while I stare at this picture. Okay so accepted, some accessories just change the way you carry your outfit. Trust me this one is one of them. 

Just Raw 

Boho vibes and silver chunks just seems synonymous to me. This look is all raw wild and free. The hairdo adds stars to this one. 

So guys these were the 3 looks I created. Tell me how you liked them also if you think there could have been more variations. I’m all ears fro suggestions and improvement. 


Aishwarya ❤️
Photography- Kunal Butani photography 


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