SummerHues with MAX Fashion India. 

If you’ve ever wondered what you should wear in Delhi this summer, I’ve got you covered with today’s outfit! Something similar to this little number will for sure be a WINNING combo to sport strolling down the streets of Delhi this summer. It’s usually pretty warm and so you’ll want to stick to something sleeveless and if you’re doing a lot of walking, you’ll for sure want to wear something light and airy so you don’t have to worry about sweating. 
Also, comfort is a MUST – at least for daytime! 
Max Fashion India, gives us major fashion trends in reasonable prices which are fashionable and affordable enough for us girls. 

Max brings international fashion and value to discerning shoppers in over 325 stores across 16 countries.

I choose to go for a summery tube top which is my current favourite ❤ 
Tubes are quite comfortable when it comes to casual dressing to me. It’s all about how you carry it. Once you’re good with it, you’ll rock the look! 

With the tube dress I wore my front buttoned denim skirt and shoes. Trust me nothing is more comfortable than a skirt in summers. Also I love the shoes ❤😬 

What do you think ? Aren’t they the prettiest 🙈 

Check out the pictures how the look actually came out – 

To the girls who like to go sassy, can opt this one – a silver nose pin 😋 

As you guys know I’m not a accessory person but I like going for statement pieces. This nose pin looked damn sexy on the outfit. ( at least my photographer thought so) 

So guys don’t forget to checkout max fashion India online for more such casual yet sassy pieces. 



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