The Jewel Label 

Hey people! Hope you are all having a good time. This month has been really busy for me which explains the lesser no. of posts. But I had to take out time write about this fabulous jewellery Designer label – The Jewel Label. 

Gemologist Uma Agarwal, has a breathtaking collection whichever showcased this month. 
For a women, the most important part of an attire is her jewellery. And I strongly believe that. Women and their Diamond affair is well known to the world and I won’t deny after seeing the collection I too fell in love with them. 
The Jewel Label offers personalised services to customise your choices of jewels. They have varied gems and stones. From solitaire to any diamond, you name it and they’ll get it for you. 

The Jewel Label follows a simple procedure for the making.

As the Designer herself believes – ‘ The Jewel Label is the unique mix of creativity and the passion for jewellery. Giving personal touch to every piece, we not only focus on designing, but also the functionality’. 

Check out the pictures to have a look at all the dainty prices The Jewel Label had for us. 

I’ll give this one a thumbs up 👍🏻 

Do check out The Jewel Label if you are looking for the best bespoke fine Jewellery. 




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