Is Boho Chic your thing? Do you love looking at those flowy dresses and garbs and just day dream about it? 
Have I mentioned how hot it is in delhi? Yes of course in almost all the latest posts! Delhi is much hotter, so I prefer my outfits to be airy enough so my skin could breath. 

So for this look I decided to go for the reverse shirt trend which I learned from one of the very talented bloggers, also my inspiration- #thatbohogirl 

This reverse shirt idea is another ways of experimental and unique ways a shirt could be worn. And definitely it looks fabulous! Have you tried it yet ? 

Fashionia has been a hub for such boho pieces, be it a skirt, dresses or any other outfit they have it is as chic and as Bohemian. Do have a look at their collection for more such boho stuff! 

Get some air this summer with these wrapping skirts by – Fashioniadotcom

The hairdo and the earrings are my favourite part of this look, they give an edge to the entire outfit. These earrings were just worth Rs. 50 from Sarojini Nagar Market. (Must say Sarojini has everything, you just need to dig in ) 

I paired them with my daily golden-green flats and see, they look fabulous! 

Tell me if you’re trying something boho this summer! 

Outfit Details 

Skirt – fashioniadotcom 

Shirt – west side stores 

Earrings- Sarojini nagar 

Footwear – mine ! ( somewhere from the Pacific mall ) 
Till the next blog , xoxo 😘 


Aishwarya ❤


6 thoughts on “BohoChic

  1. Diksha says:

    As mentioned on the past blogs , you are growing prettier and your ideas are flawless.. !! I luv the sense of ur dressing and yes , you have amazing sense of arranging the words nd present it very well . Collection is amazing . And pictures are beautifully cLicked . ❤
    Luv Diksha😘


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