Maxi skirts and more πŸ’ƒ

With more than 40 degrees and poodles of dirt and sweat is almost impossible to dress up and go out in the city. Especially in a city like Delhi where pollution and traffic is mandatory πŸ˜‚( jk ) For people like me, traveling around the city the heat and the sun makes it difficult. 

So here’s one piece of clothing which covers all the above sections- Maxi Skirt! 

Yes, it’s quite in trend from past years. It’s feminine and effortless and it has that sophisticated rich vibe to it. 

Style wise, and it goes with absolutely anything, hence its versatility and the fact that you can take it to a dinner, a date, a cocktail party or even to shopping. 

Hahaa I can literally wear one kinda clothing for number of days ! Kinda sucker at it πŸ™ˆ 

But, the question is are all the types of Maxi- Skirts in trend ? 
According to me, trends are what you make the best of fashion. People like it, people follow it! That makes a TREND! 

I’ve paired my Maxi skirt with a black bralet and some beautiful crochet jewellery , you get these or more at – Dhinakaran’s Art and Craft 

You can style your MAXI SKIRT with anything and everything! 

Here are some ways – 
1. Layering – You can definitely go for layers with this one. Shrugs, shirts jackets ( of course do not try jackets in delhi ) 

2. Accessorise- This is something which helps you change the look of an outfit, not just these skirts but anything. I’d suggest to go minimal because of the heat. 

3. T’s and Bralets – Instead of going for fancy tops go for graphic T’s or Bralets with good designs. Both are easily available and looks amazing paired with the maxi skirts 

4. Prints – You can definitely go experimental with this one ! Boho Prints are so in this season you can go for printed.

Outfit Details- 

Skirt – Faballey 

Accessories – Dhinakaran’s Art and Crafts

Bralets – My closet 
That’s all until the next post 😘

Aishwarya ❀


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