The GlitzAndGaze!

We all want to create something new and interesting , and carry it in different interesting ways. But the confusion of style and  'what to wear' never ends ! I have been thinking of starting my own Fashion and Lifestyle Blog which talks about more of my personal style, my daily whereabouts , DIY's , … Continue reading The GlitzAndGaze!

The Jewel Label 

Hey people! Hope you are all having a good time. This month has been really busy for me which explains the lesser no. of posts. But I had to take out time write about this fabulous jewellery Designer label - The Jewel Label.  Gemologist Uma Agarwal, has a breathtaking collection whichever showcased this month.  For a … Continue reading The Jewel Label 


 Is Boho Chic your thing? Do you love looking at those flowy dresses and garbs and just day dream about it?  Have I mentioned how hot it is in delhi? Yes of course in almost all the latest posts! Delhi is much hotter, so I prefer my outfits to be airy enough so my skin … Continue reading BohoChic